24 Nov 2015

Frill-talia: An outfit inspired by a country (28)

I take it that the inspiration can be anything, from flag colours and symbolism/things associated with that country all the way to that country's culture and incorporating that into Lolita. This is what I have done, and in all fairness, this is a coordinate which I would love to wear one day. Small chances, unless I slim down a lot to fit into Alice and the Pirates clothes, but hopefully it won't be too impossible. (Please, forgive me my poor photo-editing skills, I only have free software that I haven't used in years.)

22 Nov 2015

Favourite makeup tips (4)

So in the past few weeks since I joined some Lolita communities (as of today, still mostly online), I read quite a few Lolita blogs and watched way more Lolita videos and vlogs than is really good for me. This has become my new pastime of sorts. But as I read and watched, I noticed this thing called Lolita Blog Carnival – the idea that on a set date all participating bloggers write a post on a set topic, and then link to each other’s blogs to spread the variety of ideas, styles and points of view within Lolita. And as I read and watched, I realised that I want to be a part of this, that I have something to say about some of the topics. So while I can’t officially participate (yet?), I decided to write those posts anyway. I won’t add “Lolita Blog Carnival” to the post title, but in brackets I’ll add the week that topic was covered, and anyone who’s interested should be able to then search for other posts on that topic via Google or YouTube.

I decided to start with this one, because I adore makeup, I actually had a phase of wanting to be a makeup artist when I was younger, and at least amongst my friends I found that there’s plenty of people who don’t know how to go about doing their make-up. I can’t do any cosplay-style face changing tricks, though I’m slowly getting the hang of contouring, but for the purpose of this post I’ll focus on easy things you can do that can make a big difference to a simple makeup. A lot of this knowledge/inspiration comes from vintage fashion/hair/makeup YouTubers (specifically Cherry Dollface and A Vintage Vanity), but also from drag, burlesque, Bollywood, a whole bunch of YouTube makeup tutorials and a few years of my own experience. When reading, do bear in mind that I am a white woman in my 20s, so not everything may work for other, especially non-Western features. It’s important that you don’t take everything at face value, but experiment in your free time to find out what works for you and what doesn’t (you really don’t want to be experimenting on the day of a tea party or important meet and find out last minute that something doesn’t suit you).


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