29 Dec 2015

3 prints you would like to see (3)

I admit, Lolita prints are my weakness. Some of them are so fantastic, that I want them on my dresses, on my wall, and even on my body!

Having said that, there are a lot of themes that keep being done over and over again, which while great in some ways (maybe you could get a Day Dream Carnival if you’ve missed out on the Sugary Carnival?), can get a bit repetitive, especially if what you’re after isn’t any of the popular themes for prints. Oh, another Alice in Wonderland thing? *Great!* So in the spirit of the upcoming New Year, and with the hope that maybe some of those Lolita wishes of mine will come true, here are three prints that I personally would like to see more of.

15 Dec 2015

DIY gift ideas (10)

With Christmas, the season of giving, fast approaching, I thought this would be a great topic for a blog post. I’m not the best at crafts, in fact most of my creative juices have gone into writing, dancing and baking, with very little left for other stuff. However, I think that even I could do those projects, as they require absolutely no special skills other than knowing how not to glue your fingers together. I also tried to stick to Lolita fashion, so no home décor stuff which is also great if you are into the Lolita lifestyle. So, without further ado, here are my DIY gift ideas for Lolitas.

8 Dec 2015

Design a complete, shopable, coord for under $100 (1)

Doing a full, shopable Lolita coord on $100 (which is about £66) is a challenge in itself – it’s absolutely doable, but it’s still a challenge. However, at first I wanted to make this an extra special challenge by using at least the main pieces that I own already. Sadly, the dress I had in mind for my Sweet Lolita coord (Bodyline’s Sweet Macaron, or L249), is no longer being sold, and my only Classic Lolita main piece is brand, so wouldn’t fit there anyway. Therefore, I’ll have to stick to things I can find within the depths of the Internet. I’m also only doing two options, Sweet and Classic, because I don’t feel confident/knowledgeable enough about Gothic to even think of something good, but also because those are the two styles that I go for (with a fairly strong preference for Sweet). The rule I’m following while assembling these outfits is that as well as being complete and shopable they have to be something that I’d personally wear – or at least would be ok wearing, even if some bits aren’t quite my cup of tea.

What I’m not including in this challenge are petticoats and shipping prices. Pettis because this should be an investment, so that it lasts you as long as possible and goes with the majority of your wardrobe – that would make me run over the budget of $100 if I included it. As for postage, that can always add up quickly, especially when you’re ordering things from East Asia, so again, a potential for spiking the prices here. However, $100 plus shipping, which usually isn’t that much, especially if you’re willing to wait, is still quite cheap for Lolita, so nobody should be put off by the whole coord (minus petti) being a bit over that.

1 Dec 2015

3 trends I could never get into (2)

There are plenty of trends within Lolita. Though I think I’m still new enough that I had to have a quick read through other blog posts for this topic just to get an idea of what people mean by “trend”, as at first I thought of styles (maybe I’ll do a post like this too). It took a little while to come up with three that I genuinely felt I couldn’t get into. There’s plenty of stuff that’s not to my taste right now, such as stuffed animal bags or gingham dresses, but I can’t say that I’d never change my mind (my main issue with stuffed animal bags is that they don’t have much space, and I’m still giving gingham dresses a chance). But the three here are definite “nopes” for me, doubt I’d ever come round on those.


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