29 Apr 2016

Journey to a Daily

For a lot of people out there Lolita isn't just a fashion for special occasions and meets - it's what they wear every day. It's a big commitment that not everyone can make, for whatever reason. But it's also what I think a lot of us want and aspire to, more or less secretly.

26 Apr 2016

List-Making Challenge

Most people who know me very well will tell you that I’m a very organised person. Often this borders on pedantry, but it’s just who I am and how I do things. Part of this being organised also means that I make lists for pretty much anything that I feel is either important or in need of being less chaotic.

22 Apr 2016

Dream Dress review: Whipped Cream Kitty

I do consider myself to be a very lucky person, generally but also as a Lolita. Not only have I managed to acquire the majority of my dream dresses, but the latest addition has been a present from my fantastic boyfriend. Way back around late 2014/early 2015 he said that if I got a 2:1 for my degree, he’d get me a Lolita dress – I didn’t want it to be just any random dress, it had to be one of the ones I wanted most, and after months of hunting (and a few unsuccessful first attempts because of the dresses being too expensive), it’s finally here!

20 Apr 2016

Guess where I can go this year...!

Every year at the beginning of December there’s this sci-fi and fantasy convention in Poland that I’ve been going to for years. At this point in time it’s more of a social gathering, a chance to see old friends rather than take part in panels or listen to interesting lectures as it’s a smaller event, but I still like going. And this year it’ll be the 30th time it’s on, even more of a reason to go. But what does all this have to do with Lolita?

18 Apr 2016

Dream Dress review: Sheherazade

Dream dresses – those elusive treasures which plague us in our dreams and haunt our bank accounts, but ultimately bring us the biggest of joys. This is even more the case when all the signs in Heaven and on Earth point to one of the scariest scenarios: that the dream dress will not fit.

Welcome to the saga of Alice and the Pirates’s Sheherazade JSK I. This post was brought to you by this song.

15 Apr 2016

One Dress Four Styles Take 2

See, I enjoyed doing this lasttime so much, that not only I did it again, but decided to share this with you. Hopefully this means that eventually I will have done this challenge with every main piece that I own, even if I won’t always share the results with you. For someone who sometimes needs a physical and visual reassurance that what imagination suggests will work in real life, like myself, this is incredibly helpful during my journey towards wardrobe versatility.
But anyway, let’s get to the dress!

12 Apr 2016

Bear skirt coord

So I drooled over this skirt and ogled it for a while, then finally bought it, waited for it to arrive... Now came the time to wear it for the first time, and my Easter break provided the perfect opportunity to wear it.

| Magic Tea Party Bears Paradise skirt | Bodyline L581 blouse | Innocent World Wendy OTKs
(ivory x cafe au lait x pink) | everything else is offbrand | 

I decided to go for a Sweet-Classic look, a very simple one that complimented the skirt and put it on the centre stage. This was also the first time I got to wear both the Bodyline blouse and those OTKs (which I snapped on Mbok at a truly bargain price), and altogether this outfit also proved as comfortable as it was cute. Of all my OTKs these ones I think are the softest and most comfortable - go, Innocent World!

I wore that out to an Italian restaurant which my boyfriend took me to. Giovanni in Crewe is absolutely amazing, a real food gem where you'd least expect it, and if you ever get a chance you should try it. Both of us had a bit too much food than we could handle, and the last time I ate this carefully was during a Lolita meet I had with my friends in Japan. But not only did I manage not to get a stain on my clothes - the shirring on the skirt proved that it can handle excessive eating by me. Win!

At the moment my outfit options with this skirt are fairly limited and all quite similar to each other, but I'm determined to get more wear out of it, it so deserves it, especially since it can easily be dressed up as well as down. If you have any suggestions, let me know, please! :)

8 Apr 2016

What was your favourite brand when starting out and is it the same

We all have a favourite brand: the one that we keep going back to, whose next releases we're pining for the moment they're announced, the one we think is the best of all. In all fairness, I'm surprised this hasn't gotten territorial quite yet, like AP vs Baby instead of Montagues vs Capulets.

5 Apr 2016

My Favourite Trend at the Moment

Since I started working full time, I have reduced the amount of time I spend on Facebook quite a bit. It could still be better, but it’s already an improvement on what it’s been before. However, while I may spend less time on Facebook, I have also personalised my news feed so that I see more of the things I’m interested in – and that’s where Closet of Frills comes in.

1 Apr 2016

Sweet Circus coord

It was only last week when I did the 1 Dress 4 Styles challenge as part of the Lolita Blog Carnival, and it was then that I discovered one look which I did not expect to be possible nor did I expect it to work. Well, sometimes you simply won’t know until you try it.


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