30 Mar 2016

Aoki Misako no Kawaii Kakumei

Continuing on with our Lolita enrichment, here’s another book by the famous Misako Aoki. And again, this one’s only available in Japanese. However, if you’ve read what I had to say about Lolita Fashion Book, this one might be more your cup of tea, especially if you’re not a newbie to the fashion.

27 Mar 2016

Easter coord

For some this is a day like every other one, for others – one of the most important holidays. Although I’m not a Catholic, I’m not even particularly religious, Easter is an important part of my culture and a time when being with the ones you love is what matters most. Probably even more so than Christmas which often gets obscured by all the presents, parties and Coca-Cola ads.

26 Mar 2016

One Dress Four Styles

Yay, it’s another Lolita Blog Carnival, and one that I wanted to do for a while. As Im working towards making my wardrobe as versatile as possible, to get the most wear out of what I own, this has been the perfect challenge. If I had more time I’d probably try this with a lot more of my dresses, but unfortunately I couldn’t.

22 Mar 2016

Misako Aoki Lolita Fashion Book

Being a Lolita is so much more than just what you own and who you hang out with (although the latter is very important). Like with anything in life, you can't just assume that there's any mystical point in a Lolita's life when she finally knows everything - you always, always learn new things throughout your entire life. I believe that what marks smart people apart from the silly ones is that they actively look for another source of knowledge and/or inspiration, a new place to enrich them as a person and as a Lolita (or a scientist, or a geek, or fan, or whoever you consider yourself to be).

Therefore, I decided to start a new tag on here where I will talk about the things - books, websites, films etc. - which I used and engaged with to become a better, more rounded Lolita. Whilst I will avoid the most obvious things, like EGL's Livejournal or the Gothic Lolita Bible, I am sure you'll find here both things you're familiar with and those you might not have heard of. And although those posts may often take the form of a review, I'd suggest treating them more like suggestions and pointers - after all, just because something might not be for everyone (I might not even like it myself), it doesn't take away from its value as a place to inspire you and deepen your knowledge of Lolita.

So: let's get started!

17 Mar 2016

Magic Tea Party Bears Paradise skirt review

I’ve been ogling this skirt for sooo long now it’s unreal. Some of you may remember that it was on my wishlist in the last Lolidrobe Reassessment Post – and yes, I have braved the world and got it.

15 Mar 2016

Basic Love bloomers review

The bloomer debate is one that goes on probably since the beginnings of Lolita: do you need them? Well, seeing as I don’t have a pair of shorts comfy and long enough to wear instead, I thought that investing in a pair would be smart, as well as cute. And in search of cheap, lovely and comfortable bloomers I wandered to Etsy’s BasicLove shop.

13 Mar 2016

Magical Tales and Princesses Meet

My second comm meet, and already the more I get, the more I want. Having been a lone Loli for so long both the appeal and the charm of being in a community and have other people understand your references is so amazing that I wonder how on Earth I managed not being a part of the community for so long.

11 Mar 2016

Secret Shop tea parties review

I know, I’m spending my money left, right and centre. But not only is it on Lolita, it’s on items that I do have a need for and that will go a long way towards completing a lot of my coords.

9 Mar 2016

Bodyline L581 blouse review

I know I said I’d only get new blouses if I spotted a good deal on them, but a wardrobe has to grow somehow. And when I saw someone else sell this one, finally saw what it actually looks like and then followed up with reading some reviews I thought to myself “what the heck!”.

7 Mar 2016

Innocent World Rose Lace Millefeuille bolero review

This is one of those „finally!” moments. Not only because I waited so long to physically get the order, but also because I was hunting for a bolero like this for a while. However, there are no boleros like this – it has to be the real deal.

1 Mar 2016

First Lolita comm meet

The Saturday before last, so February 20th, was the first time I attended a meet with my local comm in Leeds. It has definitely been a long game, from finding out about Lolitas in Leeds in mid to late September 2015 (totally randomly spotting some out and about in town), to joining their Facebook group and trying to be as active there as I could (so that I at least had idea of who people were, and so they had an idea of who I was before attending), through a last-minute cancellation on December's meet, to finally making it to one. But boy, was it worth it.


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