22 Sep 2017

Difficult Things To Deal With In The Fashion

In the time that I’ve been into and wearing Lolita fashion I was extremely lucky to not have anything majorly unpleasant happen to me. This doesn’t mean that Lolita fashion doesn’t come with its fair share of difficulties and here are some of the biggest ones that I’ve been working through so far. These aren’t things that can simply be wholly overcome and I doubt that this is everything that I’ll face. I had been thinking about writing up a blog post on similar lines, but my ideas haven’t quite clarified yet, so this is perfect timing. It is going to be a serious post and it will discuss topics that some may even find triggering, so if you find topics such as body image or comparing yourself to others triggering, I suggest you give this one a miss.

19 Sep 2017

Wishlist Dress Unboxing: Sweet Cream House

You know that dress that you've seen so many times that you actually started to really want it? This is it for me. But I wasn't willing to go over my budget for it, believing that patience will pay off. And guess what, it has. Very quickly, since this is on of those that everyone has seen by now, either in person or on another YouTube unboxing video - here's what mine is like.

15 Sep 2017

Dream Masquerade Carnival - Haul

We all know that you don't just go to an event and leave empty handed. For one, you usually get a tote bag full of freebies with some tickets. And for the other - how can you resist all these goodies at no extra shipping cost or customs fee? I'll be honest, I wish I had bought more, but that's how the cookie crumbled.

12 Sep 2017

Dream Masquerade Carnival - Day 2

The long Saturday of DMC has passed, as much sleep as was possible to get in a hot and noisy room was had and then preparation for the Sunday DMC tea party began. This is usually your chill day, the time to socialise, take an absurd amount of photos, stuff your face with gorgeous food and tea, catch the special guests in a more relaxed manner and just generally have a good time without having to commit to an awful amount of walking. This will be another long and picture heavy post, so another cuppa is highly recommended, especially if you’re reading the two posts back to back (are you sure that your last cuppa hasn’t gone cold?).

8 Sep 2017

Dream Masquerade Carnival - Day 1

So, Dream Masquerade Carnival happened – which I’m sure you’re already aware of if you’re on Instagram or in the Closet of Frills group on Facebook. This was my second large Lolita event, as well as second and also last Tea Party Club event, as at the tea party they announced that there would be no more, so I can’t exactly say that I’m highly experienced, but expect some comparisons to last year’s Wicked and Whimsy. Also, prepare yourself as this will be a lengthy and picture heavy-ish post – maybe make yourself a cuppa to go with it!

Before you start reading, let me say this: after the initial emotions after the announcement of it being the last TPC event have cooled down, I thought a lot about it from various points of view. I read many Facebook statuses from people involved in organising the event (and involved with TPC across the years), as well as ‘just’ attendees. What you will read below is my honest opinion, but since there won’t be another TPC anniversary event, any concrit is aimed at people organising other Lolita events or thinking about them. These are also my own opinions and experiences and do not reflect those of anyone else.

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