30 Sep 2016

Resailan Jewelry Box Set Unboxing

This video should've been up aaages ago! I shot it when the package arrived mid-September, but I've been so busy for two weekends in a row, that I didn't have time to edit it at all! And Windows Movie Maker likes throwing hissy fits when I don't edit everything in one go, never mind being tired after work on weekdays, so I was putting this off. Not anymore! Enjoy the video!

26 Sep 2016

Welcoming New Members Meet

September is the time when my comm tends to get new people joining – as people will often move up to Leeds/nearby areas for university, it makes absolute sense. So to welcome any and all newbies, make it less intimidating for them to attend a meet, we’ve had a Getting to Know You meet (captioned: No Stranger Danger).

| Angelic Pretty Diner Doll JSK and OTKs | Angelic Pretty Creamy
Shirring blouse | Bodyline tea parties | offbrand/indie cardigan accessories |

I decided to throw on a relaxed and comfortable coord and finally get to wear Diner Doll, for the first time since I acquired it. Full shirring on the blouse and back shirring on the dress meant lots of comfort, cardigan provided extra warmth as well as comfort and I kept accessories on the simpler side (mainly by not wearing the matching headbow, since that’d eat my head).

The meet took place at Dock 29, a bar and restaurant just behind Leeds’ Royal Armouries. We actually took a boat taxi there (free of charge!) though since only 13 people could fit in there at a time, those of us who didn’t get on could’ve walked since we had to wait about 20-30mins for the next one to arrive. I haven’t tried their food, as I promised my Mum that I wouldn’t stuff my face, but there was a nice selection of drinks which were reasonably priced. At one point we even got a free drink from some random admirer of the fashion (the meet organiser has spoken to him and apparently he was ok, not the dodgy type)!

Even though all we did was talk and get to know each other, time absolutely flew by! To help any shy people, we had two little games prepared: a set of various Lolita-related questions to ask each other and Buy, Borrow, Burn (the Lolita edition of Snog, Marry, Avoid). We had loads of fun going through the photos and trying to decide which dress we’d spend a load of money on and which one we’d rather see go up in flames – which at some point resulted in us planning to dress up a Mr Yan pillow in one of the ugliest Bodyline dresses we could find and burn him instead of Guy Fawkes at Bonfire Night (why isn’t that a thing yet?). I was very happy to catch up with the people I already knew, but I feel that I spent just as much time talking with the people I haven’t met before, all of whom I’m hoping to see again, preferably sooner rather than later.

Buy, Borrow or Burn?

Unfortunately, the time to head back arrived a lot quicker than I had anticipated (honestly, a full circle of speed dating-style getting to know everyone took about 90mins, but felt more like half an hour!) and I joined a few other Lolitas who were heading back to the train station. On the way I thanked my past self as it started raining. I hope that nobody found stains or ruined prints from the rain, but even though I had an umbrella, my back was still very wet – and most importantly, unspoiled, which means that I’ll be able to wash Diner Doll in the washing machine without having to worry too much about it. And that’s a big win in my books.

And then, just before parting ways, as some of us were discussing a meet in Sheffield taking place at the end of October, one of the Lolitas I had just met did the sweetest thing ever. That meet is when the Sheffield comm plans on taking a photo for the Tea Party Club’s calendar/annual thing (theme: films). As I’m doing a Winnie the Pooh inspired coord, a pair of bear ears would really finish off my outfit very well – and then, to my greatest surprise, I was given a pair of bear ear clips. For absolutely nothing, because the Lolita who gave them to me doesn’t wear them. I’m still in shock. Mo, if you happen to read this, thank you very much again, that was an act of generosity I’d never ever expect!

So yeah, I had an absolute blast and I really wish that I didn’t have to go to work the following day, nice things should only be followed with other nice things. Alas, it’s not to be, at least not just yet – but at least I have another meet next weekend!

23 Sep 2016

Skills Every Lolita Should Have

Nobody said that being a Lolita will be easy. Just putting on an elaborate coord can get you out of breath! However, it’s not like you can’t ever learn a few tricks and here are the skills that I believe every Lolita should have.

20 Sep 2016

Trend Alert: Overblouses

Trends sort of come and go, but I feel like I was too late for most of the ones that I know of, like peignoirs, halos, deer horns, twin tail wigs etc. It’s not like they don’t exist anymore or like it’s forbidden to wear them, because you can wear whatever you like and if you can make it look great or if it suits you then don’t let anyone stop you. At the same time, it’d be exciting to witness a birth of a new trend – and I think we’re at that time now.

16 Sep 2016

Your Routine for Getting Ready

Whether I’m attending a comm meet or going to an event, my routine for getting ready is pretty similar. If I’m totally honest, that routine is actually exactly the same as my daily routine for getting ready or any other party routine of getting ready. All that’s different is the style of clothes I’m wearing, so if the rest works – why change it?

13 Sep 2016

Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 3

My Lolidrobe is expanding so much this year that I’m struggling to find room for all these new additions, especially as the Wicked and Whimsy event in London made me buy new pieces (though fortunately smaller ones). I think this may be the last Lolidrobe Reassessment post before the end of this year. For the actual end of the year I plan on doing a summary of the whole year before moving onto New Year’s goals, so I’ll mark somehow any acquisitions made between now and then in that very last post.

9 Sep 2016

Wicked and Whimsy haul

So I went from over half an hour of raw footage to just under 25mins of edited one, and then had to do some more ruthless chopping to get down to this. I had to be merciless, honestly, othewise I don't think that many of you would've bothered to even start watching, it was that long - never mind whether YouTube would even allow me to upload it! But it's here now, all the items are included, so I hope it doesn't feel too rushed and enjoy the video!

6 Sep 2016

Wicked and Whimsy - day 2

And then came the tea party… A chance to have a little more sleep before spending two hours on getting ready, to socialise a bit with the wonderful people I’ve met and to take a couple more photos (which again ended up being of myself more than the other things, but there are some other things too!). All of this plus the special announcement which, as someone attending the tea party, I was privy to before the rest of the world was told.

2 Sep 2016

4 Coords for 1 Season with 1 Main Piece

Autumn is just around the corner – although for now the weather balances on the edge of being a slightly cloudier Indian summer, it won’t stay quite this warm for long. And what better opportunity to plan some autumn outfits than the Lolita Blog Carnival!


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