Lolita Life Goals

Here is the list of my Lolita Life Goals as outlined in an earlier post on this blog. Once I achieve any of them, I'll mark it and will put a date in brackets indicating when that particular goal was accomplished.

[ ]  ♥ Take part in a brand-sponsored tea party (preferably AP)

[ ]  ♥ Model in a Lolita fashion show

[ x 10-VIII-16 ]  ♥ Do an unboxing video

[ x 3-XII-16 & 3-VI-17 ]  ♥ Celebrate both the summer and winter ILD

[ x 27-28-VIII-16 ]  ♥ Take part in a large scale Lolita event or convention

[ ]  ♥ Twin with someone

[ ]  ♥ Try Wa or Qi Lolita
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